Serina name
Serina in manual
Also Known as Hiyu Serina
Birthdate 1/4/1981
Age 17
Height 165cm
Weight 57kg
Blood Type B
Likes Kai Himuro
Hobbies Writing love letter
Fighting Style Command Sambo
'Fighting Techniques Serina's Command List
'Voice Actor Akiko Sekine
Serina Hiyu (飛勇瀬里奈 Hiuu · Sorona(ひゆう・せりな Hiuu Sorona)is one of the female fighters in Deadly Arts. She made her debut in the game as one of the original three characters.  

She is a girl in love with Kai Himurao

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Serina Hiyu is an ordinary high school student that is in the 11th grade. She is known to have has feelings for only one guy, Kai Himurao. She tries her best to be recognized by Kai.  

She notices Kai is interested in martial arts as a skillful fighter. So she trains herself to be a skillful fighter just like him in order to get Kai to notice her. In fact, she does become the 2nd best fighter as him. 

Even though Kaoru Yaegashi shows he has interest feelings for her, but she does not return his feelings to him.   

She receives a letter of an upcoming tournament and agrees to go to show Kai her fighting techniques and get a chance to tell him how she feels.   

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