Kyoya's name
Kuoya in manual
Also Known as Jimmy Kyoya
Birthdate 6/25/1972
Age 27
Height 182cm
Weight 79kg
Blood Type AB
Likes Blood, Violence, Killing, Fighting
Hobbies Stabbing things, people, objects
Fighting Style Magnetic Street Fight
'Fighting Techniques Kyoya's Command Set
'Voice Actor None
Kyoya Jimmy (神呪寺狂也 Temple devil Teruya(じんのうじ・きょうや Shinkansen)is a fictional character in the game Deadly Arts. He is a runaway criminal.

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Kyoya is a criminal. A serial killer that enjoys doing crime for his own purposes. He finds seeing blood enjoyable, pleasure, and great. Another thing he enjoys doing is fighting anyone. Each time he kills someone he never gets caught and never leaves his evidence behind either.

Kyoya later received a letter from Reiji Ogami. The master of all fighting. There was a tournament going to happen so and anyone that is the strongest fighter to join to go against the master of all . Kyoya did care about that. He looked at it as an opportunity to shed more blood and kill whoever he pleases freely.


A cold-hearted murder that does not care for anyone or anyone but himself. He is a little selfish around the edges and is rough.

Nothing about him is described, but he is pure evil with a violent attitude.

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  • It is unknown why is is a murderer.