Kais name
Kai in manual
Also Known as Himuro Kai
Birthdate 8/14/1979
Age 18
Height 172cm
Weight 68kg
Blood Type A
Likes Fighting
Hobbies Practice fighting
Fighting Style Chinese law
'Fighting Techniques Kai's Command List
'Voice Actor Unknown
Kai Humuro (氷室魁Himuro Sakige((ひむろ・かい Hiromu Ka) is a fictional character in is a fictional character who was introduced to the Deadly Arts. He made his debut in the game as one of the original three characters.

He is an ordinary high school student that loves to work out after school at Fast-Forward-City.

Story Edit

Kai Himuro is a 12th grader high school student that is not interesting in dating or willing to date. Serina Hyiu is not aware of this.

He enjoys the impact of the Chinese law martial arts. He works day and night to become stronger, and a better fighter. He wants to be good as Sakai Yuma because he his known to be the best. Almost as the master league.

One day while training hard, he receives a letter from the mysterious legendary fighter, Reiji Ogami. He thinks this is a good opportunity to be a part of because he wanted to take down Sakai. After he plains to fight him, he plains to fight the master Reiji

Personality Edit

The unthinkable Kai, he always acts before he thinks. He is smart on any solution. He is also submissive, humble, and respectful to others. He sometimes shouts unpleasant words, He is like what you call him a good-hearted person.

Fighting Style Edit

Kai's standing movement is like a true master leaving it the same as Reiji. When he takes down his opponents even the difficult matches, he uses a lot of fists doing a Crush Double Punch to his martial arts. He can do a double kick to his enemies into the air using the Back Spin Combo. When he is really worked up in the battle, he can use his special move to make his opponent unable to block their self-doing the Flash Combo Final. His Flash Combo can lead up to six times. 

Just like hos Back Spin Combo that uses the enemies to go into the air, so can the Ten-ryu-seki (throw). It's all fists when he uses his Double Crush Elbow confusing his opponents during the battle.   

Trivia Edit

  • It is unsure if his storyline was the same in the prototype version.
  • Just like every other character, he has a command list.
  • Kai is a male given name only for male. Dutch, Finnish, Frisian, German, Scandinavian, and Welsh name of Latin origin. It is derived from the element 'gaudere' which means to rejoice.
  • In the manual of the Japanese version, it says he's not interested in women, most likely not interested in dating anyone.
  • It is unknown how his ending goes. It is assumed that he fights Sakai and the master to become the next champion.

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