Deadly Arts prototype is a game that was never shown to daylight into someone in Konami showed more information.  

Back in 1997, before the game was released, there were prototype stages of development of Deadly Arts. When working on the project on earlier years; there was only three characters when you first play the game the user has to choose from. Kai, Serina, and Kaoru. But then the original version of the game was discarded by the developers before the finished product. 

GASP!! Fighters'NEXTream - N64 V-Jump archive 1997

GASP!! Fighters'NEXTream - N64 V-Jump archive 1997

Cast Edit

It is unknown what the storylines were in the very beginning of the development. It might be possible it was just the same. Or they were the three main characters.

Earlier Development Edit

The project was only based off of three Main characters into when you beat the game with each character you unlock the other characters after the final battle after the defeat with the master, Reiji.

Before selecting a character, you used to be able to see the whole body of the character. When they were developing on the backgrounds, on the character select screen there was no background image at all and the select character was a bit different from the final version of the game. But they kept the concept of them standing straight looking at the screen.

Also, there were only a few Stages to play at. Like the gym room with the wrestling ring (Possibly used to be Kai's stage, Kaoru's stage, and Serina's stage. But strangely you could play at Killer Kongoh's stage.  

The characters all had a different design in the very first concept art, but then they later changed their design before they actually tried creating the game.

  • Ex: Azami Carolrin was the only character that looked completely different from the final one. Her hair was purple with braids and she had on purple shorts.

The camera angles were changed also before the final version. You could see other spots inside the stage